A downloadable game for Windows

Dreaming Alice is a game created for IGMC2017. It is an Alice in Wonderland-inspired point and click adventure game.

Help Alice journey through Wonderland and meet famous characters like the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts.

Note: This was made in one month by a one-woman team. Due to time restraints content had to be cut. Also there might be are bugs, beware.
The fonts being used in this game are Nyala and Monotype Corsiva (both included in Windows 8). If no text shows up, please install these fonts.


Dreaming Alice.exe 113 MB


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Sorry i had a question.
How did you get the character part dialog box like this?

Hi, sorry for the very late reply!

I think you're talking about the comic book style dialogue? It's one of the options in ccoa's UMS.